I'm 7 days post op .My lower back got lipo and I think my waist . But I have a huge pocket right in the lower center of my pack that's extremely swollen is that normal and how long does it take for the swelling to subside cause this really hurts!! And I feel numb from waist down. Also how do I know if I got lipo on my waist ? And is it normal to pee on yourself I have no control over my bladder it's awful :/ thanks doctors!!!! Also does my stomach look swollen cause I had nothing gone there?

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Dear Abercrombiegirl,

It's pretty normal to have a moderate amount of swelling and bruising after liposuction.  Very important to wear your compression garment as much as possible.  Perhaps call your surgeon for a visit and a recheck in the near future.  Massaging may also be beneficial as well as some anti-inflammatory medication.  Hope that helps!


Joshua Kreithen, M.D. 
Sarasota, Florida 

Sarasota Plastic Surgeon
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More than average swelling and bruising after liposuction.

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You clearly have more than the average amount of swelling in bruising after liposuction. Nevertheless this does not predict less than an excellent outcome. It may just take you a bit longer to get there. Keep in contact with your surgeon.


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I would go back to my original surgeon and be evaluated - it impossible to make any intelligent recommendations without a complete examination

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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