Will my Boobs Get Better? (photo)

I was told that I needed a lift but I could get away without one if I used high profile, 550cc silicone unders. So I did. I did NOT get a lift. Long story short I am 3 days Post and I am worried my breast are way to high and will never settle and give my breast fullness!! I have included 3 photos one is what I look like now, one is almost an exact replica of my boob before and after implants the last one is my breast before. I used that "ideal" photo for my surgeon to reference.

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Upper pole fullness after breast augmentation

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It is very common for implants to sit very high immediately after surgery, particularly if they were placed in the subpectoral space. Massage will often help this issue.  It may take several months for them to settle into the desired position.  As always, it is important to discuss these concerns with your surgeon.

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Unanticipated Outcome

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It is still early as the others have said, and there will be some improvement, especially if your implants are saline.  However, you are unlikely going to get the same result as your ideal photo.

Although you found photos of your replica breasts with an acceptable outcome without lift, there were two things you didn't count on.  The first is that the result that occurred with your replica breasts was ideal, and I wouldn't have counted on that happening consistently. The second is that your replicas actually had less sag than you; the lower edge of your areola are down below the breast on the other side, the replicas still had visible breast skin below the lower edge of the areolas - a minor, but probably important difference in predicting results. 

For the sake of any potential women interested in breast augmentation I need to make a point. High profile implants do not lift a sagging breast. No matter how large the implant or how high the profile.  Any surgeon that tells you otherwise should be checked off the list.  Breast lifts do not necessarily make an idealized breast shape, they just make a normal appearing breast shape that looks natural.  Please only consult with surgeons expert in all forms of cosmetic breast surgery including lifts, reductions, and revisions.  They will most likely be certified by the ABPS and members of the ASAPS.

Best of luck.

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Revisional surgery will probably be necessary.

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Even anticipating the breast implants "dropping" I don't see how some sort of revisional surgery, perhaps a mastopexy, can be avoided.

Better with Time

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Please be patient and follow your surgeon's instructions.  It takes weeks for the implants to settle into the pockets.  Breast implants do not lift the breast,  They are fillers, and make what you have larger.  A breast lift can be performed at a later date if you are not happy with the shape of your breast.  Best wishes!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Breast augmentation

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They will get better. Any implant under the muscle, in any patient appears to sit high for the first 6 weeks, and will take 3-4 months to look natural. If you needed a lift before, then you will not get a perky result, if that is what you were looking for, but rather more fullness.

You just have to wait 3-4 months to see your result.

Good luck.

Too early to pass judgement....

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While I also question the decision to forgo the breast lift, your post-op result is far too early to pass final judgement on.  It can take several months for the implant pocket to mature and for the implant to settle into its ideal location.  Some plastic surgeons will utilize an elastic bandeau around the upper pole of your breasts to assist with downward encouragement of the implants in the early post-op period.  You can inquire whether or not your plastic surgeon may feel this would be of utility for you.  Hang in there and know that time is your friend.  Best of luck and thanks for posting.

Al Cohn, MD
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It will get better with time.

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Implants are high-riding. Implant are high-riding. With time, implants will settle. For most people it will take 2-3 months for the implants to settle.  Please be patient and follow your plastic surgeon's postoperative recommendation.

No worries....

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You picture is typical of a new breast augmentation.  It takes a full six months for the implants to drop into the pocket.  When I have a patient similar to your pictures I tell them not to wear a bra for the first few weeks to help facilitate the implants to drop.  The first few weeks the pectoralis major muscle is swollen so it accentuates the droopy breast.   You are way too early to worry about this now.   I know it is hard to imagine but your photo is normal at this point in time.  I tell patients the hardest part of a breast aug is waiting for the final result (the fall).  Hope this helps.

Hollie Hickman, MD
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Too Early to Determine Final Breast Implant Outcome

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It is far too early to determine the final results of your surgery.  It's not uncommon for breast implants placed under the muscle to sit "high" for days, weeks, and even months after surgery depending on the surgeon's technique and patient's body.  It would be best to follow your surgeon's directives and give it some more time until you judge the surgical outcome.  

Massage needed

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It's very early. You will need to follow your plastic surgeon's instructions about after care and massage. After a few months the implants should settle into your breast tissue. Good luck!

Victor Au, MD (retired)
Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon

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