I had Botox injections for severe headaches. After 5 days, severe headaches, nausea and dizzy; still have them. Help please.

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Botox for Headaches. How soon for results?

In the arena of headache relief, Botox is considered most useful for the type of headache known as a "tension headache". Broadly speaking, the top 3 headache types would be: Tension, Migraine, Sinus. Only the tension headache has the clear pathway for a neuromodulator (muscle tension softener, such as Botox) to impact the headache. Perhaps your headache type is not as susceptible to Botox relief as the tension type headache would be, and you might be better served trying other treatments more suited to a migraine or sinus headache. Also, according to some studies, Botox doesn't fully relax targeted muscles until about the third week, so perhaps you merely need to be more patient. I hope this helps, and that you have a speedy improvement!

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Help for Headaches with Botox

It may take a series of treatments to help with your severe headaches. I recommend following up with your Dr. at this time and following your protocols for your recurring headaches. Best, Dr. Emer

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