I Am 42 and Have Had Cystic Acne. Thinking About Using Dermaroller for Scars? (photo)

I am a 42 female, started getting cystic acne 7 years ago every month. Did accutane over a year ago and it has pretty much all stopped. But now I have these horrible scars and don't want to take pictures because the uneven skin tone shows up in the pics. I was thinking of fractional but opted to try the dermaroller first. Can you please tell me what my regimen should be. That is, how many times a week, take a break for how long, what type of creams, serums, etc should I use on skin after?

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MicroNeedling for Scars (clinical-grade Dermaroller)

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Thank you for posting your pictures.  An at-home dermaroller may help, but given your extent of scarring, I would strongly recommend either the Fraxel laser or Micro-Needling.  We use both, but we've recently had great success with Micro-Needling.  It's a more intense version of the dermaroller systems available for home use.  There are more needles that are sharper and go deeper than any at-home system.  The device also combines needling with vibration to bring in more circulation.  We combine our Micro-Needle treatments with a complete package of post-procedure products to enhance your healing (which is always included with your treatment).  Recommending the right products is difficult without seeing you in person, but it is critical to use the right products after such a procedure.

Tustin Dermatologic Surgeon

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