Gum recession behind crown tooth, possible root exposure, monitor?

I have an old (15 year) crown on my upper canine tooth, #6 I think. I noticed tonight a small area behind the crown that has receded. The crown is porcelain and metal, there is an area above the metal that from my research seems to be root exposure. The tooth had a root canal, the crown is not loose, no bleeding, no swelling, or pain. I just put out 2700.00 dollars on other dental work. Can this just be monitored? I brush and floss religiously.

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Crowns and Receding Gums

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Gum recession and exposure of the margins (where the crown meets the tooth) does nor require replacement of the crown unless the margins are open (gap between the corn and tooth). Your dentist can best evaluate this. If the margin is aesthetically unpleasing, then the crown can be replaced, but this is not pathology and can be done at your leisure. So just monitor it and keep on brushing and flossing religiously, good for you!

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