Looking for doctors in LA or OC area who specialize in doing butt implants? (photo)

Hi everyone, Ok so I'm getting surgery in late January early February my husband is buying himself a new gift ha ha well me too! So I need some help in finding a doctor that won't let me down and give me the results that I'm gonna love! Thanks for your input and time!-xoxo My body type- 5'2 height 97 lbs.

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Looking for doctors in LA or OC area who specialize in doing butt implants?

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There are a lot of plastic surgeons who place buttock implants in the LA area. I typically prefer the Brazilian buttlift due to the fewer complications, but in a very thin person this is reasonable.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Butt implants

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Dear Macbarbie, Congratulation on your decision and a supportive husband. There are not many surgeons in the US who perform butt implants surgery and the ones in your are might not do the type of surgery that will give you the desired butt shape and size. There are different implant shape and size as well as techniques. The implants can be round, oval round or oval bubble butt. The implants can be placed under the muscle, inside the muscle or on top of the muscle and under the fascia. In my opinion, based on hundreds of butt implants surgeries, the oval round implants placed under the fascia give the most natural and attractive butt. Placement under the fascia allows bigger size and more veriety of butt shape. So, if you do not find a board certified plastic surgeons with lots of experience in butt implants surgery that you like their results consider going out of your area. It is better to do it right once than have to redo it. Best of luck, Dr Widder

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