Breast too apart after Breast Augmentation, advice?

My measurementstomach are 19 cm from clavicles and the chest circumference is 28inches im 4"11..I got 365 HP implants but my new breast are too far apart Dr said that's how wide my chest is I'm not happy with wide implants and having side boobs Dr said they're also too big for my body she told me all this after I told her I didn't like the way they looked she told me even if i picked a different profile result would be the same..based on measurements why do you think

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Breasts Far Apart?

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In most women, their own natural anatomy will dictate how close or far the breasts sit from each other.  The implants need to sit centered on the nipple area, and your own breast borders define how far the implant can go medially.  If a patient has a larger space between their breasts to begin with, there is not much that can be done safely to alter that.  Changing sizes and/ or profiles can be helpful, but without an examination, impossible to say what may work best for you.

Breasts too far apart

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This question is a tough one to answer without an exam or at least photos.  The size and profile of the implant, specifically the base width of the implant relative to the width of your chest make a big difference.  A wider implant, as long as it is not migrating under the arm, will provide more cleavage, to a point.  The other thing to consider is where the implant is located.  I am guessing that your implant is under the pectoralis muscle?  This muscle originates from your sternum and acts as a limit to how close the implants can move toward the midline.  Two things you can do to address this are to change the implant pocket to in front of the muscle, and/or to have fat grafting to fill in the medial pole of either breast and provide more cleavage.  There are risks and benefits to these procedures which you would want to discuss with your plastic surgeon, but sometimes things can be done to try to correct widely spaced breasts.  Unfortunately the nipple cannot be moved medially, so that may limit your result.  I hope this helps!
Erik Hoy, MD
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Erik Hoy, MD
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Breast too apart after Breast Augmentation, advice?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery.  Unfortunately, measurements will not help; consider posting before/after photographs for online assessment and advice.

Some general thoughts regarding "cleavage concerns" after breast augmentation surgery may be helpful to you and other young ladies considering breast surgery:

Patients undergoing breast augmentation should understand that their anatomical “starting point” will play a significant "role" in the outcome that they can expect with breast augmentation surgery.   If the patient starts out with a significant distance between the breasts, there are limits as to how close of "cleavage" can be achieved.  If over dissection (when developing breast implant pocket) occurs in the cleavage area, with the goal being to achieve as close as possible cleavage per patient's request, patients may experience significant problems such as breast implant displacement (medial  malposition or symmastia) and/or significant breast implant rippling/palpability.  Obviously, these types of problems may require revisionary breast surgery to correct.  

Also, keep in mind, that each nipple/areola complex must remain centered on each breast mound after surgery.  Again, careful dissection of the breast implant pocket and appropriate selection of breast implant size/width/profile will also play a role when it comes to how close the cleavage area will be postoperatively (and the overall shape/symmetry of the breasts). Careful measurement/dimensional planning plays a big role in this regard.

 Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with long term.

Breast augmentation result

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Sorry to hear about your breast augmentation experience.  Please upload some photos, preferably before and after your breast augmentation.  It may be that the implants sit too far laterally and modification of the pocket will make them sit closer together.  The other possibility is that a wider implant will give you more cleavage.  There is a third possibility and that is fat transfer to add more volume to the inner part of the breasts.  If you feel you would benefit from a second opinion there is no harm in doing so with one of the other plastic surgeons in your community.

Good luck with the rest of your breast shaping journey.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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