How much more will my boobs change in the next few weeks? I'm 3 weeks. I got 365HP implants and I am disappointed (Photo)

I am a petite 4"11 115 size B before I got my BA. I did some research on sizing I told my doctor I wanted a Dcup size not too huge for people to notice the minute I walk in she said 365normal so I choose 375 HP I am disappointed with final result its been 3w and my boobs aren't noticeble I can still fit my old clothes. anyone confused go with the bigger don't listen to people and make sure doctor doesn't want you to look natural because it maens small. 400-450 will be 2cups 365 got me a cup.

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Implant Sizing

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Hello,This is not your 'final result'. Talking about breast size using cup sizing is one of the reasons you are disappointed; there are no reliable or consistent equations between implant volume and cup sizes. In-office sizing in front of the mirror is the most reliable way of determining goal implant size. Based on your photo, you certainly did get a substantial result.Best of luck!

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How much more will my boobs change in the next few weeks? I'm 3 weeks. I got 365HP implants and I am disappointed

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Thank you for your question and photos. Although the photos are taken at an angle, it looks like your surgeon did an excellent job, based on your anatomical dimensions. I agree with Dr. Rand's excellent comments. Give some more time for healing, since you are way too early in your recovery to make a decision on the final result. Good luck with your healing.

How much more will my boobs change in the next few weeks? I'm 3 weeks. I got 365HP implants and I am disappointed

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Please give your self time for your body to and just to your breast implants.  3 weeks is far too early to be concerned.  Your implants will change position and projecting her nipple areola more forward Angier inferior pole look fuller due to changes that occur over the next 3 months.  Right now  the implant is compressed by the overlying tissues and looks smaller than it will once it has dropped.

Breast implant disappointment can come from the patient's unrealistic expectations

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Unfortunately, you are experiencing a case of "expectation mismatch." You have set yourself up for this because cup sizing can never be used to determine happiness in breast implants as manufacturers are held to no standard in this. Looking at your photos, your implants are as wide as your chest can handle. If you go wider you will get a "unibreast" in the center or "side-boob" in the arm pit. Since you have HP implants already, the only way to go bigger is an ultra-high profile style of the same diameter which is designed for that super fake look which you claim you don't want. So you need to accept the excellent job your doctor did and that this is as good as it can be for your particular body without going really unnatural. Also, give it 6 months and see how you feel.

Disappointed with Breast Augmentation Size

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Hello,It is unfortunate that you are not happy with your results, as they actually look quite good. It seems like it would be difficult to make you go from a B to a D cup and also have people not notice, especially on such a small frame. In preoperative consultation I try to manage my patients expectations to be sure they are realistic before having surgery. 

3 weeks still soon

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Hello...Its unfortunate that you are disappointed with the size of your new breasts. It appears that your results are actually pretty good. From what I can tell in the pictures, your breasts appear to have good shape and increased volume. When my patients ask me about cup size I tell them I never talk about cup sizes. The reason is because everyone is different, all bras are different and the way the breast sizes go up can differ from woman to woman even if they get the same volume implants. I think the most important thing is to try on the implants and get an idea about how big you want to be. The only person who knows how big TOO big is for you, is you! I do tell women that the most common complaint after breast augmentation is "I wish I went bigger," so if they are choosing between 2 sizes I encourage them to go with the larger size. You are only at 3 weeks. I would give it some time before you decide how happy or unhappy you are with the size. They can still drop a little and the more they fill in the pocket the bigger they will look. At about 3-6 months is when you will get a true idea of what your breasts will look like. You should definitely speak with your plastic sugeon and see what she says. You should be happy though....they look great! Hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck!
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Breast Implant Sizing and Cup Size

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Sorry to hear about your disappointment.  However, you are very early during the healing process and your shape will change over time where you will gain more projection.  I am not certain that you would fit into a particular cup bra however.When we discuss sizing in my office, I stay away from discussing a particular cup size and focus on more the look the patient is trying to achieve.  There are several things that we do and try to help achieve a realisitic expectation between how we size the patient before the surgery and what the result will be after the surgery.At this point I would recommend to sit tight, wait another 4 months and see how things look then.  At that point if you are still unhappy I would recommend you discuss this with your surgeon.Good luck.

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