What is wrong? 6 weeks postop, nose tip points to the right, bulbous and curvey on the left breathing issues (Photo)

Had a septrhinoplasty 6 weeks ago. Nasal hump removed , nasal tip refined, rotated and hanging infatip corrected. I also had a minor deviation that caused no breathing or cosmetic issue but doctor advice to do a septoplasty as to not narrow breathing passage. 6 weeks post op and I have two major concern. My tip which clearly curve to the right (noticable since cast removal) and my septum which seems to be slightly off center to the left hence my difficulty to breath well from the left nostrile.

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Rhinoplasty concerns

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Two things: 1. the pictures submitted are not ideal for assessment. 2. You still have significant swelling which may well be uneven causing the optical illusion of deviation. Rhinoplasty healing resolution takes up to at least a year so be patient right now. But do express your concerns to your PS.

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6 weeks post rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your pictures! At this time, it is still early in the healing process.  It sounds as though you had a significant amount of maneuvers performed on your nasal tip - this will lead to more swelling, and unfortunately, this can take longer to dissipate due to the nature of the lymphatic drainage and skin of the nasal tip.  Often times, the swelling is asymmetric and it resolves in an asymmetric manner.  I wish that it would just "shrink wrap" down on the nose, but it often does not do that.  Keep your operating surgeon in the loop as far as the changes are concerned as they may be able to better guide you in what to expect and how long the swelling and asymmetry may last.  Best of luck! 

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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