Ultherapy complications (Photo)

On 10/5 I received a full face ultherapy treatment. Standard recommended lines around eyes w/ DS 7-4.5 in the temples & above eyes was done, as well DS-3.0 (more superficial) all around the eyes. 3 wks later I began to notice Scleral Show in both eyes. My eyes progressively change and now 1 eye is larger than the other & have obvious lower lid retraction. My thyroid and health is excellent. I felt extreme shooting pain through scalp when eye area was done. Done at Plastic surgeon office.

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Ultherapy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your question.

You need to be examined by an oculoplastic surgeon or neuro-ophthalmologist to see if there is any objective injury to your eye musculature.

Perhaps they should have lowered energy settings when you developed these intense pains during the treatment lines ...

Read the Ultherapy ebook on the link below.

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Ultherapy question

Hi Sophie,

The protocol for Ultherapy is to not use the 4.5mm transducer in the upper face.  Only the 3.0 is to be used in that area.  I would let your doctor know about the eye changes you are seeing and hoping it has improved for you at this time. 

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Ultherapy complications

Complications like this are incredibly rare. Did the person doing the treatment place energy right up to your eyelash lines? Ultherapy is an extremely safe treatment that carries little to no real risk when the treatment is performed by an experienced professional. Ultherapy is, without question, the best collagen-inducing device for facial rejuvenation. RF devices, such as Thermal, only heat the tissues up to 50-55 Celsius while a minimum of 60C is necessary for new collagen growth (Neocollagenesis). Thermal is, in my opinion, a very poor tool that has limited to no use in facial aesthetic.There is no other non-surgical device that does what Ultherapy does, despite their claims otherwise. Furthermore, Ultherapy has the first, and the only, FDA approval for non-surgical lifting. We feature Ultherapy as the basis for our Non-Surgical Face-Lifting program and we have achieved amazing results by combining Ultherapy with treatments such as toxins, fillers, fractional resurfacing, modified phenol chemical peeling, stem cell rich fat transfers, micro-needle radiofrequency treatments (the only useful RF based treatment available today), and excellent skin care regimen management. It is highly likely that your scleral show will be temporary as it is due to early swelling and muscle spasm.

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