If Ultherapy Does Cause Fat Atrophy, How Long Might It Be Before I Noticed This--weeks, Months, or Longer?

I've read some differing ideas on whether Ultherapy can cause fat atrophy. I realize there's no proof either way yet, but theoretically if it were to cause inadvertent fat loss in the face, considering the mechanism, in your opinion how long might it be before the atrophy became apparent--would this likely occur in the first few weeks, months, or over a much longer term? Also, in your opinion, how likely is this to happen? Many thanks.

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Fat atrophy is not known to be caused as a rule by ultherapy

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I would wait three to six months to determine if ther is any fat atrophy from the ultherapy, which we don't think will happen. Maybe different settings will be necessary.

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Ultherapy and fat loss

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Ultherapy does not cause atrophy of fatty tissue or volume loss as the energy does not penetrate that deep - volume loss occurs with aging and you may need supplemental volume replacement to give you the youthful look you are looking for, in additional to skin tightening. 

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