Is my tummy tuck incision too high? Will that sink hole disappear? (Photo)

I was aware before surgery that my incision would not be covered by my underwear.... What are the reasons for a high incision?? Will the scar lower after swelling goes down? and also it looks like half the incision is puffier/ridged on the top part. Fyi i also had a drainless technique used...

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Hello, thanks for the question.  I'm not sure how far out you are from your surgery, but it is very common to have edema/swelling for the first few months after surgery.  Some of the lymphatic channels that drain fluid are disrupted after surgery, and often patients have swelling that increases as the day goes along.  Hopefully you are continuing to follow up with your surgery to ensure that this is only swelling and not a fluid collection that requires drainage.  I do not believe that the scar will lower when the swelling goes down, and again would encourage you to bring your concerns to your surgeon and/or obtain a second opinion.  I would recommend observing for at least 3-6 months after surgery and ensuring that the swelling resolves before considering any revisions.

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