Tummy skin tightness. Is there anything I can do to help loosen the skin faster?

I'm 12 days post-op TT today. I know tummy tightness is expected. I feel like the skin is tight and not the muscles. Is there anything I can do to help loosen the skin faster? I've been applying coconut oil to the area between my breasts and belly button every time I take off my band for awhile. Also, I am going on sun vacation at 8 weeks po. Will it be ok to not wear my compression brace on my stomach during that time and return to wearing it when I return?

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Tummy tuck

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You are very early in the post-op it can take several months for the tissues to soften. Swelling will contribute to the tightness. 

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Tight skin post tummy tuck!

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Thanks so much for your questions. It is not uncommon to feel tight only 2 weeks post tummy tuck surgery. We encourage our patients to wear their compression garment for 6 weeks as it helps with swelling. You will be able to enjoy your vacation without your garment if it's at the 8 week post surgery point. Please be sure to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon's office. Staff are trained to answer your questions or direct them to the surgeon if need be. All the best!!

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Post op tightness

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Assuming that your compression garment isn't too tight, the post op tightness that you are feeling in your skin is most probably due to swelling and will relax as your swelling subsides. In terms of your vacation and compression garment, speak with your surgeon as he or she knows your case most intimately. 


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