Is it true that 7-15mm is the ideal size for female Caucasian eyelids?

Are smaller eyelids with more fatty tissue above the crease now preferred for their youthful appearance, or are 7-15mm still preferred for their ability to make the eyes appear larger? Is 7-15mm the average size of Caucasian female eyelids, and is the average size ideal/most desireable?

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It is far more complicated that this.

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The plastic surgery text books advocate an upper eyelid crease that is too high.  Natural creases should be lower than what is done by surgeons.  That is the primary reason that so many upper blepharoplasties look surgical and not natural.  I tend to place my upper blepharoplasty creases at 7.5 mm in Western eyelids and 6.0 mm in Asian eyelids.

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The "Ideal" eyelid

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This is a loaded question for many reasons.

So the text books say the ideal height of the upper eyelid crease in female Caucasian patients is 7-10mm (7-15 maybe in some older text). That is a big range. The reason for the range is two fold. # 1 towards the edges of the lid it should be closer to the lash line and in the middle slightly higher. Most surgeons these days are using even a bit lower cutoff of 5-9mm.

The reason it is loaded is we are a diverse species and the "ideal" beauty is ever changing. Plus, every face is different and different faces will benefit from slightly different heights of the eyelid crease.

As far as fatty tissue above the crease all I can say is we are removing much less fat than we used to. That is because we have learned that in the post operative period patients were ending up with a hallowed appearance.

Hope this helps.

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Ideal eyelid

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The ideal eyelid size depends on your facial structure and anatomy. While averages help guide 'aesthetic ideals' for textbook writers, what is important in blepharoplasty is tightening the skin, addressing herniating fat without making your eye look skeletal , and ensuring that the above two goals still let you close your eye safely. See an experienced blepharoplasty surgeon to get the best result. 

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