5 weeks post-op and I think my skin is slowly raising. Is this the start of symmastia? (Photo)

Before my ba I was worried about possibly developing symnastia. I am just over 5 weeks post now and I think the skin is slowly raising. Pre op I had asked my ps if he was able to sew it down, he said my breasts would be too heavy for the satures to stay. What if this problem becomes even worst? What do I do then if satures won't hold down my skin? Do I have the implants removed?My dr doesn't carry the thong bras, could I order it online? Would it make any difference now at 5 weeks?

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Symmastia post-op

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Dear MomoF2WO,

From the photos you posted, you certainly have a full cleavage. Many of the views, however, do show a separation of the base with both implants. At five weeks, it is still early post-operatively and the best advice is to continue to see your physician regularly, as they know your pre-operative breast anatomy, operative procedure, and post-operative healing course the best. Your board-certified breast surgeon will be able to advise you as to the probability or risk of symmastia from occurring and some of the post-operative, non-surgical techniques, such as a crossover bra to help stabilize breast position.

Hope this helps.

R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Yorkville, Toronto

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation

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Hi Mom,
It would be helpful to see how you looked preop and know your dimensions and what size implants were placed.  You look to me to have great cleavage.  However, keep your sugeon in the loop for the last word.  All the best, Dr. Joe

Symmastia after breast augmentation

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Cleavage appearance is different with each patient. Some are far apart and some are very close. Some patients who have very close cleavage may appear to have symmastia after breast augmentation. The best step to take is have your surgeon evaluate  your results and discuss with you whether or not you have symmastia and what treatment would be best for you.

Bahram Ghaderi, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Do not cc mass to at 5 weeks after breast augmentation

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Based on your photographs I do not see evidence of symmastia.  However it is best to check with your plastic surgeon for an examination to be certain.

5 weeks post-op and I think my skin is slowly raising. Is this the start of symmastia?

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Very hard to respond over the internet. Best to seek in person second opinions from only boarded PSs in your city... 

Is this symmastia?

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It's hard to say. Looking only at your post op photos I would be tempted to say yes, but...

But then we see your pre op images, which thankfully you have also posted. And there we see your left breast crowds into the pre-sternal area ( the skin over the central breast bone). And that is very much like what we see in the post op pictures.

So which is it?

The best way to tell is to displace the implants towards the midline, one side at a time. So if you press on the the implant at the side and push it towards the middle, does it raise the central skin or even cross over to the other side? I have seen implants that could be pushed from one side to the other in which the implant spaces communicated ( the case was a "medical tourism case done in SE asia). 

Go back to your plastic surgeon and have him assess this after you have tried to assess it yourself.

Benjamin Gelfant, MD
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

5 weeks post-op and I think my skin is slowly raising. Is this the start of symmastia?

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Thank you for posting this question.   From your photos it appears that you have some raised skin.  It is unlikely that the implants have joined in one pocket.  Your surgeon will be able to tell you with more certainty after a physical exam.  I would follow up with your board certified plastic surgeon at your earliest convenience. . 

Jason Mussman, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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