Can symmastia be repaired with fat transfer?

Thinking to remove breast implants get a lift and add some fat, would I still have symmastia and what are the risks of fat transfer to breast ?

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Sorry, fat transfer does not fix symmastia.  For this problem, you would need an implant pocket revision.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

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Fat transfer will not fix symmastia.  A lift and fat after removal of implants does work well in some patients.  You may need another fat transfer in a few months depending on your goals. When performed by someone who does a lot of fat transfer to the breasts, risks should be minimal.  Cysts, fat necrosis, absorption, and infection are all some risks but should always be very minimal.  Best wishes.

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No sorry that won't help. The best options are to do a pocket exchange, reinforce with mesh, or removal followed by replacement after several months. Very tough problem but repairable if done properly


Fat transfer is not a treatment for symmastia. Whether the implants are removed or not the deeper tissues/capsules have to closed down to help create the appearance of a spacef between the breasts.

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