Can you surgically bring the eyebrows closer towards the center of your face?

Due to rapid weight gain and loss, my eyebrows have fallen and "slid" away from the center of my face, down towards my temples. What once used to be curved eyebrows w/ curved forehead, are now flat. I know you can vertically lift eyebrows & pull back,but can you re-position them so they're closer to the center of your face? When I pull my eyebrows and curve them inwards, I have my old eyes and eyebrows back, including the crease in my eyes. Is this possible surgically?

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Eyebrows closer to the centre of face

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Dear Vanessarose,

From your description and clinical history of weight loss, weight gain and brow malposition, you might well be a candidate for brow lift surgery. Brow lift surgery involves a small incision in the hairline and then a telescope that is then used to elevate the eyebrows and forehead off the underlying structures and then repositioned in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. During your consultation with your selected plastic surgeon, the full depth and detail of the brow lift surgery should be discussed.

I have been a certified plastic surgeon and have been exclusively practicing cosmetic plastic surgery for the past 20 years and endoscopic brow lift, eyelid and brow repositioning procedures are very commonly performed in my practice. I would suggest a consultation where we discuss your facial aesthetic goals and eyebrow positioning and contour desires.

After a full discussion of the risks, benefits and recovery, as well as the cost, which include demonstrating in front of the mirror the type of shapes that can be achieved, you can decide whether endoscopic brow lift, eyebrow or brow repositioning surgery is for you. Generally, seven days would be required to recover and most of these procedures are performed under local anaesthesia and oral sedation.

I trust this advice is of some assistance and best of luck.

R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
Certified Plastic Surgeon
Yorkville, Toronto

Inner Browlift Not Possible

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You can not surgically move your eyebrows inward without creating obvious scars. You will have settle for what a traditional browlift surgery can do...lift upward.

Eyebrow asymmetry

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Eyebrow asymmetry can often be improved with either a completely one-sided brow lift or a brow lift that raises one side more than the other. The method chosen will depend on what other issues you wish to correct. Since it will vary depending on your specific situation, a consultation with me is necessary to determine the best approach.

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You can bring the eyebrows closer to the center of the face

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It is difficult to answer this question without seeing you, but let me explain in general terms, what I usually recommend.

This is a one or two stage procedure, depending on what the procedure requires.  The first is a standard endoscopic brow lift to correct the fallen brow.

The second portion of the procedure is eyebrow shaping.  We perform this with a combination of hair transplantation to the mid portion of the brow and shaping the rest of the brow.  

Can you bring your eyebrow's closer together?

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Difficult situation,

I would be very carefull of allowing someone to do this procedure. As far as I know, there is no good treatment for this that would not have other issues related to it. 

Dr B

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