Non surgical Nose Job? I read that restylane would be a good filler? (Photos)

I want to build up my dorsum, and I read that restylane would be a good filler because I want a longer result and filler that can give the appearance of a narrower nose with less flare on nostrils, is it possible I am looking for a build focused towards my tip and maybe to build alittle bridge might enhance the slimmer look I like my nose shape just looking for a natural adjustment, I don't believe surgery is my ONLY option thank you.

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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty -- Fillers Like Voluma, Restylane, Juvederm

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HA type fillers like juvederm and restylane do well in this area.  Please see an expert for treatment options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Dear daniellaktaylor:  Yes, #Restylane is an excellent choice for a non-surgical nose job, and I agree that some filler in the dorsum of your nose will give the appearance of a more narrow nose.  I sometimes use Radiesse for greater longevity, but there a higher risk of side effects with this filler in the nose.  All the best,   Dr. Clark

Sheryl D. Clark, MD
New York Dermatologist
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Filler for nose

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Filler can be used for dorsal augmentation but I prefer to do something more permanent. I also will more commonly used fillers for minor irregularities.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Liquid rhinoplasty

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restylane is a great filler for liquid rhinoplasty, as is juvederm ultra.  Both are soft, will give you around 9 months or so before needing a touch up, and can give you a very natural result.  As far as what you seek, without seeing a profile view or your face in motion (to assess tip motion and light points during smiling), its hard to say just how much you would need, etc.  That being said, from the frontal shots you sent, building up the nasal dorsum to improve the appearance and give it a "slimmer" look is certainly an option.  You can then go on and see if fillers give you the complete result you want - I personally find that it can improve alar width (nostril flare), but it is patient to patient and sometimes you do need surgery to do that last little bit of tweaking.  Otherwise, all of your other concerns can be addressed.  Best of luck!

Miguel Mascaro, MD
Delray Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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