How do surgeons feel about Dr. Becker's scarless inner mesh bra breast lift technique?

will there be a successful scarless breast lift technique invented in my life time?

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Scarless surgery?

In my opinion, scarless breast lift surgery is impossible. One must remove the excess skin and there is no way to do that without leaving some type of scar. Sorry. Best, Dr. Nazarian

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How do surgeons feel about Dr. Becker's scarless inner mesh bra breast lift technique?

Dear arabianeyes,

Thank you for your clinical post. The Becker Mesh technique is not scarless, as you need to undergo a circumareolar scar. Occasionally, the circumareolar scare heals adversely and requires scar reduction techniques. The mesh technique has been successful for mild to moderate lifts, but any circumareolar lift technique tends to flatten the breast contour and shape out. Lollipop lifting has become much more popular of late obviating the need for supportive mesh in the vast majority of patients.

In general, thorough consultation with a surgeon who specializes in breast lift surgery is advisable. Dr. Zel Krajden is a certified plastic surgeon and Chief of Surgery at Osler Memorial Hospital. He works every Friday at SpaMedia and specializes only in breast lift surgery. I would advise seeking out the consultation of someone like Dr. Krajden, Dr. Mitch Brown or Dr. Wayne Carman, all very experienced breast lift surgeons in Toronto. Periareolar breast lift with mesh would be an atypical selection for a certified Ontario plastic surgeon as the results can be somewhat variable and patients apt to be disappointed.

I hope this information has been of some assistance and best of luck.

For more information, please review the link below.

R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D.
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How do surgeons feel about Dr. Becker's scarless inner mesh bra breast lift technique?

Scarless surgery is impossible. The deformity or defect with breast ptosis or sagging is excess skin. That is the diagnosis. The best treatment is to remove the excess skin. This will require a scar. This may entail the use of a mesh which of late has become more closely scrutinized and possibly of limited value. The gold standard in my opinion- when fully indicated - is the anchor lift. I would be very leary of an assertion of "scarless" surgery.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Scarless surgery

I would personally be very careful considering any surgical procedure that is advertised as 'scarless'. Being a skin incision part of the very nature of surgery (otherwise it would be a medical non-invasive procedure, or maybe just magic), it doesn't take a lot to see the sales pitch here.
I am not saying that this special procedure doesn't work, but it does leave a scar and it probably has limits in its reshaping and lifting ability to the point that not many patients are good candidates for it.

Ciro Adamo, PhD, MD
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For the right person, it may be fine...

First, it's not scarless.  The scarring may be minimal, but not scarless -- that's false advertising.  Secondly, all breast lift procedures that have only a scar around the areolae tend to flatten the breast and leave it under-projected.  So unless you're placing an implant at the same time, I think that shape is bad.  Finally, I'm fearful of implanting anything IN the breast that may interfere with breast cancer detection or treatment in the future.  Our breast implants are placed UNDER the muscle, well away from the breast tissue.  Do, I'm not a fan.  If someone has extra skin, removal is still the best option.

Robert S. Houser, DO
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Breast lift procedures are done to re-position the glandular portions of the breast higher on the chest wall, to correct the position of the nipple/areolar complex, and to remove the excess skin created by the process of breast drooping.  In order for a technique to be invented that is scarless, one will have to figure out how to remove skin without leaving a scar.  Who knows, maybe this will eventually occur.

John Dean, MD
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Scarless breast lift

As far as I know, the scarless breast lift does have a scar, it's a circular scar around the areola. while this method may work for moving the areola very short distances it usually does not  correct the hanging portion of the breast below the bottom of the areola. If you add some type of internal support that holds the implant upward the skin redundancy may be an issue. In my experience, as long as the shape of the breasts is pleasing the presence or absence of a scar does not seem to be the overriding issue. there are various new techniques of scar modulation involving fractional lasers. I would seek counsel of a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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