What, if any, steps post treatment should I take after undergoing a cell + prp injection for hairloss?

I am 19 and healthy, and am wondering if there are an steps I can take following the treatment to maximize the results. I have heard that taking vitamin B 12 benefits other stem cell cases unrelated to hair, and that driniking could hinder the effects also. Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated

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PRP Post Instructions

Thanks for your question!  It sounds like you are taking good steps towards maintaining your hair!  I would recommend the PRP injections in a series of three, spaced one month apart.  I also recommend my patients start a Viviscal professional vitamin with biotin in it.  Of course, maintain a healthy well balanced diet with fruits and vegetables.  Best of luck to you!

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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PRP+ACell for Hair Growth

A healthy diet would be beneficial for hair growth, as hair needs an ample amount of vitamins and minerals for optimal growth, texture and density. If the hair loss is genetic, there isn't much diet wise you can do to help. Completing a series of PRP treatments may help you see greater results, but a single PRP+ACell treatment isn't enough to get any noticeable improvement. 

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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