What's the best solution for sagging under lash line? (Photo)

On top of wanting to get a fat transfer for my tear trough, I want to remove/reduce the sagging skin directly under my lower lash line. I'm wondering if a fat transfer does this. If not, can this be fixed by a laser treatment? I can see that blepharoplasty surgery works to remove this but this isn't my first choice and I don't find the results are as effective as I would like. I appreciate any input!

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Tighten Lower Lid/Fat Transfer

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Depending on the fine points of your lower lid condition, sagging can be repaired by tightening the

lower lid at the outer corner, much like tightening the chain at the end of a hammock. The skin can also be
laswere to tighten it. Fat transfer to the area will add volume that will likely improve the sagging skin at least

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