How to shave my face after a facial mole removal?

Some might ask what's more embarrassing than a mole on the face? How about a mole on the face that has hair growing out of it. :( About a week ago I had this mole on my face removed through what I think is referred to as a shave excision. The hair is on my lower cheek meaning its surround by hair which I need to shave to maintain a professional look for my job. How can I shave the area where the mole was removed without interfering with the healing process? I think shaving will remove the scab.

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How to shave face after shave excision of mole?

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I would not shave your face over the area where the mole was removed until the area has healed.  This could take a week or so.  You might try just trimming the hair around the site with small scissors and just shave around the area.  

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