Septorhinoplasty not as discussed with doctor (followup to last question). Should I have to pay for 2nd surgery? (Photos)

My Dr & i discussed twice what i wanted. Once @ consultation. Once right before surgery. I asked for narrow bridge, hump gone and smaller tip. He didnt have me sign anything with specifics. Paperwork was just a formal standard contract. Hes a well known doctor that wasnt cheap. I trusted he'd perform as discussed. He didnt touch the tip at all, & said its b/c too much was done already & skin was thick. He couldnt even remember who i was when removing cast. Should I have to pay for 2nd surgery?

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Unhappy with rhinoplasty result

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I am sorry that you have had this problem. The picture that you posted is only 17 days post op and it is too soon to know what your nose will look like. I would advise patience and let nature do its job before you begin to consider a revision. In general, the discussion of revision surgery and whether it is covered by the original fee is something that is discussed ahead of time before the first operation. I hope this helps.

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Unhappy with outcome.

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I do feel for you. And I'm glad you've posted these questions, because there's a lesson in it for every surgeon. As many rhino problems are caused by bad communication as bad surgery or complications. Unfortunately, the answer to your questions is an essay, or an hour consultation, not a realself Q&A. It's uphill work too, as an unhappy patient thinks any explanation is just a fob off. So I'll just make one independent, objective comment. Your very swollen postop nose looks pretty darn good to me. Without seeing your whole face, side view etc I'm not 100%, but why the heck would you be imagining you need any revision at all?

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