Scar Revision via Excision (Small icepicks, boxscars, and lesions):What's the approx. price done by a plastic surgeon in Toronto

I have a few ~2mm icepick scars and a couple of 2-3mm in diameter boxscars. I also have 2 ~3-4mm lesions. I would like to have them revised via fusiform excision. What is the approximate price for these treatments by a plastic surgeon in Toronto. I have a slight fear of doing these things on the spot so I may have to go under. I know that I should be booking a consultation; however, I'd like an approximate price so I can plan ahead. Thanks in advance to all the doctors and surgeons who respond!

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To be honest, you need to be examined in person to determine the cost.  If you're someone that needs to go under GA, the cost can be quite high as an anaesthetist will need to be present.  Fillers may be a good option for some of the scars too, but again you need to be seen in person to determine if you are a candidate for this.  Best of luck!

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