Is it possible to reverse a rhinoplasty? Or get the nose to look very similar to what is what like before surgery? (Photo)

I had my bone shaved down and my bulbuous tip fixed. However, I am very upset with the results. I now just have a very fake looking nose and I would do anything to have my old nose back. Is this possible? I think that too much was taken off and I hate the look. Can another surgery be performed at 6 months? I know patience is what all doctors say but I just want to know if reversal is possible.

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Rhinoplasty reversal

There is no such thing as a rhinoplasty reversal. Once rhinoplasty has been performed you can never get should old nose back.  However, you can undergo a revision rhinoplasty in hopes of getting close to your orginal nose.  This should be delayed for at least 1 year.


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Reversing a rhinoplasty

It is impossible to reverse a rhinoplasty. A revison rhinoplasty is when we reoperate on a nose when the patient has had a problem, not achieved the expected goals or is unhappy with the look of their new nose. In a situation like yours we need to add tissue in order to modify the shape and try to achieve a result more in keeping with your original nose.

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