Want to remove facial hair. What sort of treatment do you recommend? (Photo)

I am 48 and have a grey hair on my face. i know laser does not affect grey hair however i am looking at removal what ever amount is possible and perhaps follow up with electrolysis at a later time to get rid of the grey hairs. I currently use an depilatory but that created ingrown hairs to a degree and also make my facial skin some what bumpy. What sort of treatment do you recommend and would it be 100% permanent? I am in the Toronto, Canada area and looking at having this done in the fall.

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What sort of treatment is recommended for facial hair removal?

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Hello, thank you for your question and for including photos.  Laser hair reduction can be very successful, except of course, the grey follicles probably will not be effected.  There is no treatment that can guarantee 100% removal for life.  As you age and your hormones change, re-growth will be possible.  It would be recommended that you do a series of laser treatments to resolve the majority of the follicles and then you could follow-up with electrolysis for the grey follicles  Laser hair reduction is a series of treatment, usually 6-8 treatments done 4 weeks apart in this area. I would recommend that you seek a board certified dermatologist in your area for safe/effective treatments.

Good Luck!

Phoenix Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser Hair Removal for face

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Hello and thank you for your question. First off, you are correct that laser treatments do not work on grey or white hair. How Laser works for hair removal is by picking up the melanin in the root of the hair, so if there is no pigment in the hair, the laser will not work. Laser hair removal for the face is different for men and women. What is really important to know about Laser Hair Removal on the face for women is that it will NEVER be permanent. Hair on a woman's face is hormonal, so when your body goes through different stages of life, new hair can appear. Laser can get rid of dark hairs on the face with multiple treatments, but can not stop new hairs from coming in. With men, the hair can be permanently reduced. Laser Hair Removal is a great option to help thin out the hair, make it lighter and sometimes make it go away all together. 

Thomas Wright, MD
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Laser Hair Removal

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With your skin type, I would recommend treatment with the Alexandrite 755 laser.  In my practice, we would start with a package of 6 sessions. After 2-3 sessions, you will see a dramatic result and resolution of the ingrown hairs. The ND:YAG is another option, but the Alexandrite tends to be a bit more efficient.

Gary Nackman, MD, FACS
Clifton Vascular Surgeon
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Hair reduction

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you are correct.  Laser really works on dark hair. Your options for grey hair really include traditional shaving, waxing,etc or electrolysis.  Stay skintastic

Sandra M. Johnson, MD
Fort Smith Dermatologist

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