Question about Chronic telogen. Will my hair go back to normal once this issue clears?

Hello, My hair has been shedding for 9 months, I Went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with chronic telogen. My dermatologist has cleared my blood tests and said theyre normal. Once this "chronic telogen" issue clears, will my hair go back to normal? It seems that i have less hair now, and the actual hairs falling out are thinner than i remember 9 months ago. Thank you.

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In general your hair should grow back after telogen phase of hair loss. If you are concerned follow up with your doctor.

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In general your hair should grow back after telogen phase of hair loss. If you are concerned follow up with your doctor.

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Does hair go back to normal after CTE?

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This is an important question - and the answer is maybe.

Chronic telogen effluvium can take 1-15 years to resolve so shutting off the abnormal shedding may or may not be an easy task. 

What helps CTE? After treating many women I can tell you it's challenging. Low level laser, minoxidil, lysine, platelet rich plasma, biotin can be tried. Changes in diet and destressing don't help. 

It's a complex condition that is poorly understood. 

When the shedding stops, will your hair return to normal? That depends entirely on whether you have developed a second hair loss condition along the way (such as genetic hair loss or age related hair loss). If you have developed a second condition, your hair might not return to the same density once the CTE stops.  But some patients do experience improvement. 

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Chronic Telogen Effluvium

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I assume your doctor diagnosed you with chronic telogen effluvium. The cause of which is generally unknown. Laboratory tests generally will include iron and thyroid studies. The TSH and Ferritin levels are the tests to look for and discuss the results with your doctor. A high normal TSH (thyroid stimulating factor) is sometimes treated. I have all my patients follow a natural/organic diet to try and eliminate unnatural chemicals from the diet. That includes both sodium nitrate found in deli meats and sulfites found in wine and dried fruits. I also have patients use minoxidil 5% at night only. Other than that it can be very frustrating for many patients. I wish you all the best.

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