Puffy areola and breast skin from trauma, is there a fix? (photos)

So long story short, I was being really OCD and used to pinch my areola and the skin around it. I've since stopped but the area has become puffy. The skin around the areola seemed to have changed too, it feels velvety and is shiny when light shines on it. Did I break down the collagen and it has become herniated? Is there a fix for this, possibly non-invasive? (Like increasing collagen by microneedling, etc.) Thanks!

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Puffy areola

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First, I would need to know how long ago you stopped, and how long were you pinching.  If you just recently stopped, then I would give it some time- at least 6 months.  I would recommend a good moisturizer cream, maybe one with HA to help repair the damage.  

If it has been longer, then I would see a well qualified dermatoligist for evaluation.  I do not think microneedling would be the best option.  You seem young, so I think you have plenty of natural collagen and time to heal.  

Best luck to you,

Dr. Powell

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