Please provide surgical and non surgical suggestions to correct the appearance in my upper lids. (photos)

I had a revisional upper bleph done in 2011 by a Dr. Kami Parsa under his guidance. The results were devastating. Dr. Parsa would do nothing to correct this. I am looking for suggestions for corrections. Below is a picture prior to revisional upper bleph- 2011 & what the eyes look like now.

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Please carefully study the attached video.

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I will be honest, between the prior blepharoplasty and the "fix," you have a very complex situation.  However, the fix was probably posterior ptosis repair (just a guess here).  You still have a critical need to have your anterior levator ptosis repaired.  This has to be done through the front of the eyelid.  You levator aponeurosis is scrolled up in the upper eyelid and it will be associated with a septal scar.  Then the aponeurosis is repaired and the ptosis is properly corrected, the eyelids will be more open and the eyebrow will relax down.  Orbital fat is mobilized to help fill the upper eyelid sulcus.  This approach is demonstrated in the attached video.  I strongly do not recommend having fat placed in the upper eyelid.  This will not fix things but will create more scar in the upper eyelid.  Your next step is your next best opportunity to have a definitive repair.  There is not substitute for an in person correction.

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Please provide surgical and non surgical suggestions to correct the appearance in my upper lids.

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Thank you for your question you have a volume loss, In the presence of volume loss; blepharoplasty can be combined with stem cell enriched fat transfer in order to have a better result. If you have volume loss in the supportive fat pads then it is the best way to combine stem cell enriched fat transfer to the lower eyelids. Because removing the excess skin tissue will not solve problem by itself but lead to depression in the lower eyelid area in a later time period. Therefore; assessing the patient properly and understanding the exact need is the most important step in the aesthetics surgery practice. You can be sure that you will be evaluated in detail to understand what bothers you and what the underlying problem that led to this condition is.

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Correcting a hollowed out look after upper lid blepharoplasty.

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A great deal of your upper lid is showing in the transition to the brow is very stark. I would suggest you try a short acting filler in the supra orbital fat area to see if this gives you the effect you wish.

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