Is it possible to get a prepuce reduction/clitoral dehooding without getting labiaplasty done?

I went for a consultation and the nurse told me it would be better to do both procedures. However, it is a lot more money and the excess skin around my clitoris is what bothers me the most. I do feel like removing the excess skin will still "tighten" or "pull up" my labia (if that makes sense). I have not yet consulted with the surgeon but the nurse said he probably wont do it if I dont do the labiaplasty as well... are there surgeons who would agree to this, or can explain this reasoning?

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Clitoral good reduction-only

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yes!! A clitoral good reduction can be performed without doing a labiaplasty. Some patients seek the procedure in an attempt to achieve clitoral orgasm more easily/quickly. Others will have it done months after having had a labiaplasty procedure. The key is to seek out a surgeon who is an expert in performing clitoral good reductions. Best wishes ~Dr Poucher

Clitoral Hood Reduction Without Labiaplasty

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Thank you for your question.  Clitoral hood reduction without labiaplasty is possible.  However, recommendations should be individualized after a thorough physical examination by and conversation of goals with the cosmetic genital surgeon.  Seeking the recommendations of an experienced genital surgeon should be the first step even if it means traveling to another region of your country or even to the United States.  I wish you the best of luck.     Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist)

Clitoral hood reduction

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A clitoral hood reduction can be done without a labiaplasty but that may not be in your best interest.  It is impossible to give you an educated opinion without an exam or at least several detailed photos.

Earle Pescatore, DO
Fort Lauderdale OB/GYN

Clitoral hood reduction

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Labiaplasty can be performed with or without clitoral hood reduction and clitoral hood reduction can be performed without Labiaplasty. That being said, normally clitoral hood reduction is normally performed in conjunction with a Labiaplasty. The question should be whether or not you need to have a clitoral hood reduction with  labiaplasty . This can only be determined with an examination of your anatomy. Seek out a board-certified surgeon who is an expert in these procedures to get the right answer for you.

Nikesh K. Patel, MD
Freehold Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 21 reviews

Be careful...

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Hello Alila,

While I can't comment specifically on your case you might want to be careful "doctor shopping" for parts of a procedure. Some doctors will just operate and leave you looking less than your best. It is true that Clitoral Hood Reduction is usually performed with Labiaplasty and it may be difficult to predict how you might look with less than the usual treatment. 

Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Disregard the opinion of the non-expert, it's worthless

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A consultation with anyone except the surgeon is not a consultation you should bother with. It's unclear why anyone who is not an expert would waste your time. The answer to your question requires an examination and an opinion online requires a photo. There is no way to provide a meaningful answer without seeing the anatomy.

Is it possible to get a clitoral hood reduction without doing a labiaplasty?

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Dear Alila21,

Thank you for writing in with your excellent question.  First of all, I would recommend you get more than one opinion from experienced surgeons who perform both labiaplasty and hood reduction, however, it is uncommon to perform just a hood reduction due to how it would look afterwards.  Usually women with extra hood tissue have larger labia and it is recommended to reduce both at the same time to achieve the best aesthetic result.  Without a picture of your anatomy, it is hard to determine exactly what is needed.

It is possible just to do the hood reduction if the patient has the appropriate expectations, but in my experience of performing over 750 labiaplasties, many with hood reductions, I have not seen a significant amount of "pulling up" of the labial tissues.  You may be unhappy if you just do the hood alone and may end up going back for a labia reduction at a future time.

In terms of cost, many surgeons charge separate fees for the labiaplasty and hood reduction, but if done at the same time, a discount is usually offered.  Some doctors offer financing and payment plans as well.  Be sure to do your homework and find highly trained and experienced cosmetic gynecologists, plastic surgeons or urogynecologists that know more than one labiaplasty technique, ask to see lots of before and after pictures, and discuss how they handle complications that may come up.

For more information on labiaplasty and hood reduction, please visit the link below.

I hope this information is helpful and best of luck in your quest.


Dr. Troy Robbin Hailparn
Cosmetic Gynecology Center of San Antonio

Troy Hailparn, MD
San Antonio OB/GYN
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Prepuce reduction & labiaplasty

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Thank you for your question!   The nurse who discussed this with you is probably basing it upon her vast experience with her surgeon.  She knows what he is accustomed to doing and she believes the best results are attained by doing both.  My partner, Dr Robert Moore and I have both done prepuce reduction without labiaplasty but I must admit they are rare.  I honestly do NOT believe that by performing a prepuce reduction it sill pull up the labia.  Your situation would need to be individually evaluated to see what your current state is and what you hope to achieve.  I think most surgeon do believe that doing both willl get you better cosmetic results but then again I do not know where you are starting and what you hope to achieve.  

If a patient only wants prepuce reduction it can be done but the patient must have realistic expectations.

John R Miklos MD
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon
Atlanta ~~ Beverly Hills ~~ Dubai

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