For what period of time after a rhinoplasty would I need to be prescribed antibiotics if I develop a sinus infection?

I get chronic sinus infections which I no longer treat with antibiotics due to a bad reaction I get from them. What period of time after a rhinoplasty revision would I need antibiotics if I develop a sinus infection? **(Not how long the course would be, but when could I go back to non-treatment post surgery)** Thanks.

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The use of antibiotics post rhinoplsty is generally an empirical treatment to prevent infection particularly when there is nasal packings or splints, and its duration is commonly 7-10 days. True sinus infection, in its recurrent form generally requires longer courses of treatment (2-3 weeks). It is important not to blame sinuses for the routine pain and drainage associated with immediate post rhinoplasty recovery though. 

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Cosmetic rhinoplasty and chronic sinus infections

When patients have chronic sinusitis  for a long period of time, the treatment for that is not antibiotics,it is  functional endoscopic sinus surgery.  It is best to have a CAT scan of the sinuses to determine the amount and location of polyps present.  The polyps can be removed at the same time as the rhinoplasty procedure.  For more information about functional endoscopic sinus surgery and rhinoplasty, please see the link below.  

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