I'm Day 12 of my Tt and MR. I Still Cant Stand Straight. Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed It Up?

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Tight tummy tuck, 12 days post op

It sounds like you are progressing normally.  Tummy tucks are made tight on purpose.  Each patient is different and may take different periods of time.  Please check in with your plastic surgeon and let him/her know your concerns.

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12 Days after Tummy Tuck and Cannot Stand Straight

    You will be able to stand straight in time.  I would not force things.  Go to your plastic surgeon for further advice and reassurance.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Problems standing up straight following an abdominoplasty

It is not totally unusual to not be able to stand up straight up straight after an abdominoplasy but I would expect that most patients would be able to stand up straight after 12 days.  Stretching exercises may be beneficial.  One suggested exercises is to place your hands on the wall and march them up as you move closer to the wall.  If you feel that the problem is muscle spasm it is possible that a muscle relaxant may be beneficial.  

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Standing Straight after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Always best to ask this type of question of your own plastic surgeon. Online consultants, despite good intentions, do not know exactly  what was done and how you are progressing. Therefore, the advice you receive from online consultants cannot be precise and may even be dangerous.

 Again, best to check with your own plastic surgeon.

 Best wishes.

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I Still Can't Stand Straight

This may work:

  • Find a wall adjacent to a counter or heavy table you can hold onto for support.
  • Lean so that your back is flat against the wall. Your hips will be bent a bit..
  • Now using your legs, slowly walk back to the wall until straight.
  • Repeat this every few hours 

The reason this works is that you are using your leg muscles to overcome the stiff back and abdominal muscles to straighten.  The back and abdominal muscles in spasm are too painful to do the work of straightening out. This technique will help break the spasm/stiffness. If it is too painful the first time (usually it isn't) try again after taking a pain pill and a valium, but have someone with you!


Best wishes. 

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