3 weeks post Breast Augmentation - Have a hard spot under right breast, could this be capsular contraction? (photo)

I will be 3 weeks post op BA in 3 days. I had 480cc and 520cc saline implants through the nipple with a lift on both. My left breast is dropping faster then my right. Both breasts are softening and moving more. My right breast is still higher then the left and it is softening up exept the bottom where the implant should sit i feel a hard spot.. I started massaging them after 1 week post op and I sleep with the band on every night. Could this be capsular contraction? And will my right breast drop?

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Hard Spot on Breast after Augmentation

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Thank you for your inquiry about healing after breast augmentation.

You recently had your surgery and it is too early for a capsular contraction.  However, if you are having serious concerns you should contact your plastic surgeon's office for advice. Best Wishes.

3 weeks post BA, hard spot under right breast = capsular contracture?

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It's difficult to tell from your photos, but 3 weeks is too early for a capsular contracture. It would also affect the whole implant, not just an isolated spot. You will need to see your surgeon for a physical exam to find out what's going on.  

Roy Ng, FRCS(Plast)
London Plastic Surgeon

Cap con

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I agree with the other docs it is likely a fluid or blood collection or the implant itself, would be early for a cap con unless you had a bleed or an infection 

Hard spot beneath the breast three weeks after breast augmentation

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It is impossible to diagnose the hard spot without a direct physical examination.  I agree that 3 weeks is too early for a capsular contraction to be forming.  Typically breast implant does not feel hard.  There may be a small hematoma or a deep suture.  Next graft please see her plastic surgeon for an examination and diagnosis.

3 weeks

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Photos are a bit dark and blurry, but the results look reasonably even at this stage..

3 weeks would be too early to see finding of capsular contracture. At any rate, the entire implant would feel firm, not just a single area. 

Only an examination will be able to sort out what you are describing, so a call to your surgeon is in order. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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