Why is my septum deviated again after my septoplasty 1 year ago?

My septum was deviated and made breathing difficult, esp. at night. I only noticed it in the past 2 yrs, and my nose became visibly crooked. There was no cause that I was aware of, but I was assured I sustained an injury as a child. After my septoplasty 1 year ago, it improved significantly in both appearance and breathing. However, I'm noticing again that my septum is deviating to the same side, and am already noticing a difference in breathing. Why is this happening? Can I do anything?

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Persistent Nasal Airway Obstruction after Septoplasty

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Given your nose appears somewhat crooked, the remaining nasal septal cartilage in your nose after your primary septoplasty may have become weak or have some "memory" of the previously crooked position. There may be other post operative causes to consider including scar tissue, turbinate enlargement, allergies, chronic sinusitis and nasal valve collapse to name a few. An in-person consultation is best to evaluate your particular situation. Consider seeing an experienced nasal surgeon for their recommendations and treatment. Hope this helps. 

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