Is this normal after a tummy tuck? Nerve pain in right thigh unable to stand up straight. (photos)

Breasts appear to be pulled down. I had surgery March 11/16 breast lift, implants and lipo. I opted to have a tummy tuck due to loose skin. I now Have a incision line from belly to pubic bone where doctor said not enough skin he had to make this to create a new belly button. Will this heal nicely? Continued Nerve pain in right thigh, doctor said it could be because of the drain and a stich but drain was removed and still getting shooting pain advised to take Advil. My breasts appear to be pulling downwards will this resolve?

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There is a particular nerve that is causing your thigh pain and is not uncommon.  It usually resolves with no problem, but can take months.  Be patient and it will most likely resolve.  In very rare instances, another procedure to remove a suture at that nerve is necessary, but don't be overly concerned about this as that is extremely rare.  You have the odds in your favor!

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Thigh Pain after Tummy Tuck

Sorry to hear about your problems. The pain you are having is due to an injury of a sensory nerve that comes out from under the inguinal ligament just distal to the iliac crest (the bony point about the end of the transverse incision). This will usually resolve with time unless a suture was placed around the nerve.Treatment is a desensitization program followed by a sensibility reeducation program. There are also a number of drugs other than Advil that can help. Your surgeon should be aware of this. If not, Seek a consultation with another plastic surgeon. Your breasts should pull down no further. By the way, the tapes along the incision are doing you absolutely no good. If you are going to continue to use them, they should be placed across the wound to obtain enough traction to take any tension off the incision. 

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