Nerves Healing or Impatient? (Butt Implants 3 Wks Post-op)

I am having right side buttock and calf pain 3 wks post-op from butt implants 335 ccs. I am on Lyrica for a week to see if it will help. I was told that it is my nerves healing? I am still wearing compression garment but I am going back to school so maybe been a little too active. I go to weekly visits to family doctor and am told that there is no sign of infection. She said here is no built up fluid. Am I just being impatient and is this part of the healing process? Any advice please?

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Nerve pain after butock implants

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It is possible to still have some sciatica type nerve pain 3 weeks after buttock implants.  However, it should be followed very closely by the operating surgeon to make sure there is at least gradual improvement instead of it getting any worse.  Glad to help..

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Nerves Healing or Impatient? (Butt Implants 3 Wks Post-op)

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This will require careful followup and you should continue to get input from your surgeon as he or she is ultimately responsible for your care after surgery.

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