My top teeth do not show as much as I would like when smiling and smile appears forced even after braces. Any solutions? (photo)

I recently got my braces off to close diastema, but I still think my smile can be improved. When I smile, my top lip covers my top teeth too much (especially on one side). I think smiles that show much of the upper teeth look very nice. But when I smile, the smile looks too small, and when I try to smile more, it just looks strained and forced. I don't know if the arrangement of my teeth is causing this because it still looks a little off. Also, my bottom lip looks crooked. Can this be fixed?

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Teeth do not show

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Orthodontics are great for aligning teeth but your lips are full and the teeth are higher up in the maxilla. This gives the appearance of not showing teeth. I would consult with a cosmetic focused dentist for veneers to lengthen and widen your teeth. Some patients can go back into braces and extrude the back molars to allow more room to move the upper front teeth down to be more visible. 

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