My Nose Tip Too Small After Surgery?

I had surgery 4 months ago, and my tip seems too small. It looks out of portion with the rest of my face from the side profile. Is it possible to reverse this? Can I get my old nose tip back? My last question is does the nose continue to grow as we age? I'm hoping as i age it will return to its original size. Thank you for sharing you knowledge

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Nasal tip after surgery

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It is a bit difficult to restore the old nasal tip after surgery when quite often some of the structures have been removed and manipulated.  It is possible to restore the shape with grafts.  At four months it is too early to do anything because of swelling.

Tip Changes after Rhinoplasty (Revision Rhinoplasty)

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Sometimes even after the best planned nose surgery (rhinoplasty), there are some results that you may wish to change. Generally it is best to wait 6-12 months to allow the tissues to soften before scheduling a revision procedure. The original surgeon often has the best knowledge of the the original surgery and is the best person to discuss any concerns that you may have. Your tip will likely not change much with age.

Tip Too Small -- 4 Months after Rhinoplasty

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   The tip will likely remain the same size or become smaller.  Wait one year or so, and then the tip can be made larger by either releasing sutures or cartilage grafts.   In some patients, the sebaceous character of the nose gets worse with age, and the tip appears to get larger.

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