Mid-Face Implants on 23 year old male: How to make the right selection (photo)

Im getting facial implants in a few months but I cannot find enough before and after photos of men with mid face implants to decide on which will work best. I am trying to increase projection in my inferior orbital rim AND malar prominence which will peak at the lateral canthus and continue to the zygomatic arch. I am between the following from the stryker medpor catalogue: Midface Rim/Contour,Extended orbital rim or Extended malar shapes. Other Recommendations are welcome as well. Thanks

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MIdface Implants

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I would not find any of the Medpopr midface implants as ideal for what you are seeking. These implants are big and bulky, are not the proper designs and you have very thin periorbital ntissues. Thus there is a very good chance you could end up with a result that is too large with visible edging. Custom implants made from a 3D CT scan would have a much lower risk of these potential midface augmentation problems.

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