Is this melasma on my chin or rosacea? (Photo)

Hi I have tried finecea, hydroquoinone and retin a. Retin a makes it red and irritated. Is it melasma or rosacea? How do I get rid of it?

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Woods lamp examination, dermatosopic exam, face to face consult ? Melasma vs

A face to face consult with a dermatologist will be great. Possibly this maybe PIH due to use of topical, I may be wrong. Melasma has a specific distribution as seen in the video below. Examination be a specialist can shed some light. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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Melarase creams and melasma

You may have both. Often, inflammation from rosacea can stimulate melasma. I would treat the rosacea with light lasers and then the melasma with Melarase AM, Melarase PM, Melapads, and Replenish cream. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Melasma vs Rosacea

It appears that you have a patch of hyperpigmentation on your chin area. Without seeing you in person it is difficult to diagnose, however with both rosacea and melasma, the underlying issue is inflammation. As you said the Retin-A makes it red and irritated, that can actually create more inflammation. I would try a line who has some of the same properties as the Hydroquinone, and Retin A but in a more gentle formulation. My office sells IS Clinical which is a botanically derived system with a primary focus to decrease the inflammation. You do not have a bad case (though it bothers you) so prescription ingredients may be overkill. The key with all topicals is using them diligently. 

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