What are the best material(s) for dental bone grafts (in order to have a dental implant)?

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Best bone graft material for dental implants

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That is a great question.   The best material to be used in a specific situation depends on many factors including site in the mouth, patient age, timing for the implant surgery, surgeon preference and experience.  

The categories of graft material are:

1) autogenous (pts own). Harvested from jaw, hip or chin.  Great bone but usually requires a second surgical site 

2) xenografts (animal source). Materials usually never fully resorb therefore leave bone very hard not the best choice in many situations but historically used by many surgeons 

3) allograft (other human sources)   Cadaver source minerals only no cells works very well.  Similar to autograft but more plentiful and not requiring second site.  

All these materials can can be mixed with pts own derived stem cells (PRF) or modifiers to increase success.   Recent graft materials also include the patients own ground up tooth ( dentin grinding) which is amazing in certain situations.  

Talk to to your surgeon about all the old and new materials and decide what is best for you.  

Good luck. 

Toronto Dentist

Best Bone graft for dental implants

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In General, patients's own bone,  Autogenous bone, harvested from the sides of the jaw bone or the chin is the "Gold standard" 

however, depending on the extent of the bone loss and the amount of bone needed to be regenerated, other sources could be used with comparable results. 

Allografts (bone from other donors) , xenografts ( bovine bone) , and recently 
BMP ( Hormone that regenerates bone) 
have been used to successfully regenerate bone needed for dental implants.   Sometimes these are combined with small amount of patient's own bone for best results. 

Trust your surgeon in his/ her opinion in choosing a source that will be suitable for your situation. 

good luck 

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