M.23: Seriously considering aesthetic facial surgery for more masculine profile. Orthognathic surgery or Implants? (Photos)

I had one molar removed and 4 wisdom teeth in my early teens with braces for 2+ years. My occlusion is fine but I feel my upper and lower jaw are recessed and narrow because of the orthodontics. This has a terribly negative impact on my facial aesthetics. Is Orthognathic surgery such as maxillio mandible advancement my only option? Can I achieve the results im seeking by less risky methods such as implants?

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Jawline implants

Yes, it is common to augment the lower jawline from the chin to the angles to achieve a more prominent and defined lower jaw. It is also commonly done after a patient has had 'negative' orthodontics and does not wish to 'reverse' the orthodontics. The cosmetic results are very good, but the 'bite' stays the same

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