Have you ever seen someone lose cartilage and tissue on their nose, thus changing their appearance? (Photos)

I am waiting to be seen by an ENT but am having major anxiety. I recently noticed that my nostril tissue is very thin and it once was not. My nostril tissue seems to be disappearing and I am also losing the tip, bulbous part, of my nose. I can see that my nostril holes are getting bigger and I am concerned that I am soon not going to have any nose left. I do not do drugs and have never had surgery. have you ever come across anything like this? Thank you in advance.

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Nasal changes with age

Hello! It is very difficult to appreciate changes based on the photos provided. The nose does change with age and growth.  If you have concerns I would recommend taking in photos and consulting with an experienced nasal/rhinoplasty surgeon. While there are autoimmune disorders, etc that can impact the skin they are rare without other symptomatology. Good luck!

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