Lower lip is small. Would lip filler make it a normal size? (Photo)

would all i need is lip filler to make my lower lip a normal size? my lower lip seems like it does not have support and it easy can fold under my upper lip. why?

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Lip augmentation for small lower lip

Lip augmentation with fillers is an excellent option to restore volume to the lip. Ideally, the lower lip should not be smaller than the upper lip. When we use fillers, we add volume to the correct proportion.

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Lip filler

Soft tissue fillers, like HA, are perfect choices for augmenting lips. In your case you need rebalancing the proportions of upper and lower red lips. Retreatment sessions should be considered to keep the results in time. Search for a good injector in your area

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Lip filler

I would suggest you use some filler in the chin also to improve your profile as your chin is stepped quite far back. By bringing this forward you will improve your lip support but I would also suggest you do inject the lips for the best result.

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