Does lip lift help with correcting the angle between upper lip and nose? Will it enhance the look of a short nose? (photo)

I had a terrible rhino done before which resulted in a short nose, weak and collapsed columnella and breathing problems, etc... I had to do a revision rhino which somehow enhanced the look and function of my nose, but it is not perfect. I wonder if doing a central lip lift would help with the length of my nose and would pulling my upper lip forward. I dont want bigger or fuller lips, rather looking for a more feminine look.

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Lip Lifts Do Not Improve The Look Of A Short Nose

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A lip lift would likely have the opposite effect from what you seek which is less of a nasolabial angle. In addition,  a wide open nasal base view due to your amount of tip rotation will expose the location of the scar. The only way to change your nasolabial angle is to derotate the nasal tip more through infralobular tip grafting.

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