Considering lip lift or will fillers archive the beestung pouty look? (photos)

I have a small mouth, I wouldn't call my lips thin but I'd like them to be fuller? What are my options to achieve the looks in the photos?

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Lip Fillers vs. Lip lift, Cosmetic Surgeon Toronto, Dr. Adibfar

Using Hyaluronic Acid fillers such as Teosyal Kiss is one of my favourite ways to augment and shape lips.
You can get a "pouty"  looking and natural feeling lips without any potential complications such hardening lumps or distortion.
Once the augmentation is achieved but if you still have concerns about a relatively long philtrum then a "bullhorn upper liplift" can be entertained.
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We do use hyaluronicacids often in the lips

Thanks for the question and thanks for including the photos of your lips and what you are aspiring too. We do use hyaluronicacids often in the lips and you need to consult with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to learn all of your treatment options are for this. In Canada, you have more options for fillers than we have in the US, including Teosyal Lips, which is not available in the US at this time. Most of us in the US would use either Belotero or the newly approved Restylane Silk (called Restylane Fine Lines for 16 years in Canada). You do have nice lips now, so make sure that you go to a well skilled injector to keep the natural and look like you want them to look.

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I prefer to perform lip augmentation with lip fillers like the hyaluronic acids. These seem to give very consistent results.

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