Labiaplasty suture bleeding

This is day 5 of my labiaplasty and my right side is definitely more swollen than left. This morning I woke up and noticed there was a little spotting down my righ my inner labia with a bit pain at the same time. As long as I finished my first salt bath the spotting was gone but it was right back when I went to washroom a while ago...I am starting freaking out a bit...and I wonder if the sitches were opened down there? The clinic was closed now and I couldn't contact my surgeon at this moment.

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Bleeding Post-Op Labiaplasty

Hello, and thank you for your question. Here is the information usually provided to my labiaplasty patients:Postoperative care will usually consist of sitz baths or soaking the area in warm soapy water starting approximately 2 days after a surgery.  The sutures will dissolve over the course of several weeks.  This will in part depend upon the #Labiaplasty technique used, the amount of brusing and they way in which your body heals. Ice can help reduce swelling. Arnica and Bromelain may help.  Direct massage may be useful as well.Bleeding is one thing that should likely be taken directly to your surgeon for evaluation, just to make sure that sutures are healing properly. Best wishes.

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If you just had a labiaplasty, you shouldn't be in a salt bath

Your surgeon or whomever is covering them when they are away should be reachable 24/7. Salt baths are not intended to be used in the management of intact surgical incisions. Baths are are a terrible idea after vaginal surgery and any expert in vaginal surgery knows this. I forbid my patients to use them until they are completely healed. Tub baths are usually taken in warm water. Heat causes swelling and increased blood flow. Soaking causes the skin to soften. Bath salts are composed primarily of magnesium sulfate - a potent dilator of blood vessels. Combine heat with a vasodilator and you'll increase your risk for a hematoma. Soften the skin and the hematoma will cause your scar to rip apart.

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Labiaplasty suture bleeding

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your bleeding issues.  A small amount of spotting is common after surgery but if this is a new development it would be best to apply a small amount of pressure to the area bleeding and call to be seen by your surgeon or their covering physician for an in-person examination.  You may have a broken stitch or may have had a small hematoma that has liquefied.  In either case your surgeon should be able to best diagnose the cause and offer treatment advice.  Best wishes. 

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Labiaplasty suture bleeding

Your doctor should have a number you can call for an answering service or an on call person covering his/her practice. I give my personal cell phone number to all of my patients and I also have an answering service. It is always best to contact your PS when you have concerns. With that being said, try not to freak out. Some bleeding after this procedure can be normal. You may have a small raw area that has formed a scab and the scab may fall off intermittently leading to bleeding. A suture could have fallen out and if so, there is nothing to do. Most PS will just let that area heal on its own without placing a new suture especially if the opening is small. I do not have my patients do salt baths as I place absorbable sutures and don't want them resting in water. I don't let my patients take baths or sit in a pool or hot tub post op. The bleeding could also be a hematoma that has liquefied and is not trying to work its way out of the body.

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Bleeding after labiaplasty

After surgery on the labia there can be swelling and occasionally bleeding. If one side is much bigger than the other there can be a hematoma, or bleeding within the tissue. If the bleeding is bright red or continuous you should apply pressure and see your surgeon ans soon as the office is open. These problems will resolve so remain calm. The swelling should resolve in the next week. Remember, the labia heals very quickly.Leslie Kardos MD

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My Clinic is never closed

And I am always available, or my nurse is always available, or on the 3 weeks a year that I am away there is a plastic surgeon who covers for me. It sounds like you might have a small bleeding vessel at the suture line. Direct pressure can help, but if there is swelling that is different from the other side it should be addressed by your surgeon or a covering MD. In rare cases there could be a hematoma or bleeding that needs to be addressed surgically.Spotting, however, is normal and usually goes away within the first few days after surgery. It is still possible to have spotting at 5 days though this is rare.

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Labia suture bleed

Dear Ronnie
Your situation is not unusual so I would not panic!!  Swelling will go away with time and by now you can contact your surgeons office to see if you need to be seen.  But a little bleeding is not usually a problem just put pressure on it for about 5 continuous minutes and most of the bleeding should stop.  If it doesn't you can call you surgeon and go to see them if they so recommend.

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