Wound opening under right breast?(photos)

Had my breast augmentation two weeks ago. Nurse cleaned the incisions and put silicone tape on it 10 days later at my post-op, and when I removed it last night I noticed the right side looked open compared to the left side. Should I worry? My PS said it was nothing, but I don't understand why they look so different then (or if my scar will heal poorly). Pictures of left and right below to see the difference. Thanks!

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No cause for worry

All of your symptoms align with evidence of a spitting suture or stitch "popping out", which is a very common issue following a breast augmentation surgery.  Some people are more sensitive to the absorbing sutures and can push them out of the body resulting in the reaction that you have been experiencing.  From your picture you do not appear to have any signs of infection.  If your symptoms get worse, if you develop a fever, or have any other concerns, follow up with your plastic surgeon for their recommendations.  Good luck in your recovery.

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Wound opening under right breast after implants?

Thank you for your question and photo.  Appears that there may be some widening of the scar but I do not think you are in any eminent danger.  Always see your plastic surgeon for an examination and opinion and insist on seeing your surgeon not the nurse.

Breast wound

Thanks for your inquiry.  By the picture it appears to be a minor wound, but it still need to be accessed by your surgeon's office and treatment recommended.  For example, ointment, etc.  

Vishnu Rumalla, MD
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Wound opening after a breast augmentation

HI m2dias,

  I would be very careful with your activities so that the wound does not open further. For now, things appear stable, but if you see signs of drainage or redness around the breast, go see your surgeon right away. If the wound opens further and if you expose your implant, the implant may get infected and it might then need to come out.

It is always best to let your surgeon know if you have some concerns or if something changes in your post-operative course.


Dr. Christine Rodgers

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Breast augmentation healing

It looks like you have a couple of spots that are reacting to your dissolvable sutures. See your plastic surgeon for his best advise. That being said wash the area with a bar od dove soap twice a day and apply bacitracin only if the  wound is oozing. If the wound is sealed apply Silagen twice a day or maintain the silicone strip on the wound. It will get better. Good luck...

Larry Weinstein, MD
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Wound opening under right breast?

Hi... thank you for the photos and question, you do not have to worry, if is possible contact your PS, mean while i suggest you to clean your wound daily, the implant is not exposed, and there is not sign of infection. 

Luis A. Mejia, MD
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