Are there ways to help integrate tissue grafts in the lower eyelids?

I had lower eyelid lengthening surgery done 5 weeks ago using donor tissue grafts. I have Graves Disease and my lower eyelids had retracted. The graft on one eye has still not fully integrated. It is puffy and you can feel it inside. The Surgeon said to give it more time. Is there anything I can do to help the integration along?

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Graves eyelid retraction surgery

I don't there is anything you can do. Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. Likely need to wait 3 months before considering another surgery. See following link.

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Generally we avoid doing skin grafts for this reason.

For Grave's disease, there is no substitute for an adequate orbital decompression.  This generally reduces the amount of heroic surgery needed for the lower eyelid by improving the relationship of the eye to the eyelid.  When more is needed, there are many options to reconstruct the eyelid that do not require a skin graft because these are not very attractive.  I have reconstructed the eyelids of individuals in order to remove the skin graft.  A photograph would be immensely helpful.

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