What type of implants would you use and do I have constricted or tubular breasts? (photo)

I want to get implants and hopefully improve the the shape of the breasts. I don't mind the shape when they are hard but when they aren't the shape is odd nipples get puffy looking and breast isnt round. I want round and bigger breasts that are appealing hard nipples or not. I wear a 36 C bra and fill it out but don't look like a C I wanna be a full D maybe DD

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What type of implants would you use and do I have constricted or tubular breasts?

Thank you for your question. You could potentially treat your areola at the same time as a breast augmentation. If you like the round look, a full profile round implant would be ideal. Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon regarding your concerns. Best, 

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Constricted Breast Correction

Thank you for your question and photos. You appear to have slightly constricted lower breast poles. A standard breast augmentation, perhaps with the addition of radial scoring to release and round out the lower breasts should provide you with a good result. If you have ongoing concerns about areola puffiness you cou;ld discuss a reduction in this area with your Plastic Surgeon.
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Tubular breasts?

You do not have tubular breasts based on your photographs.  Tubular breasts are characterized by a hypo plastic lower pole with herniation of the breast tissue through the nipple.  I don't see this in your photographs.  I think that you would do well with sub muscular smooth round gel implants; these will help to shape your breasts depending on the size you choose.  But these determinations need to be made with an in person examination with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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The tuberous breast condition

Hello,  thank you for your question and photos.   The tuberous breast condition can be corrected with the use of round silicone implants.   The rupture of the constricted ring that makes the breast develop as a tubular structure with protruding areolas is the most important step during surgery.   The implant will expand the rest of the tissue lowering the inframmary fold.   Hope this helps.  Have a great.

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